A Career in Executive Compensation

What We’ve Been Up To

Outside of our client work, we collectively participate in several events throughout the year including an annual beach day, community service events, and more! Check out some of our recent events below. We also contribute internally to a number of industry-focused publications.

DIDI Team Celebration Event (February 2018)

While it’s not uncommon to spot a celebrity in LA, it’s not every day you get to feed one! The Dream It Do It (‘DIDI’) team had a great time celebrating the triumph of their fourth annual event by feeding that one giraffe from The Hangover III—Stanley, for those of you not up to date on your Hangover franchise trivia—who you will be happy to learn is very much capitated and getting the help he needs at Malibu Wine Safari, famed celebrity animal rehabilitation retreat (wine only for humans, for obvious reasons).

Holiday Party (December 2017)

This year’s holiday party threw it wayyy back, to that heady era of runaway optimism (and stock market growth and inequality), ruthless tycoons, goliath monopolies, and diamonds as big as the Ritz—the 1920s. Transformed for the evening into flappers and philosophers, we made our way to the Greystone Mansion, a study in oil-money opulence constructed in 1928 by Edward L. Doheny. The mansion, which fell into the hands of the city after the last tycoon (Doheny Jr.) died under mysterious circumstances (it was the secretary, with the revolver, in the guest bedroom—actually), has since been the setting of many equally dramatic events, thankfully of the filmic variety. Depending on your cinematic tastes, you may recognize it from The Big Lebowski, the Spider-Man trilogy, or any number of the other myriad productions that have leased the estate for filming over the years.

Adopt-a-Family (December 2017)

The Social Impact Team (‘SIT’) seriously stepped up its game in 2017, adopting not one but two families for its Q4 holiday gift drive. The event was so successful it almost allowed the beleaguered club to finally live down its infamous T-shirt Fiasco of 2016 (the front pockets of which (the t-shirt), emblazoned with ‘SIT Team,’ demonstrated a truly alarming lack of even the most rudimentary understanding of acronyms).

Halloween Costume Contest (October 2017)

For the second year running, the 2015 Associate Class clinched the championship title in the hotly contested (three entered—one emerged) ‘group costume’ bracket with their Harry Potter ensemble, cementing their status as the Golden State Warriors of SBCG’s Costume Contest (i.e., unbeatable). Meanwhile, a spot-on take on the iconic Morton Salt Girl edged out a playful but ultimately under-committed Teen Wolf in the ‘individual costume’ field (call it ‘90s nostalgia, but this reporter personally thinks that Ash from Pokémon was robbed).

Ronald McDonald House (October 2017)

SBCG-ers love giving back, especially when it involves breakfast food. For its Q3 event, the Social Impact Team partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities to serve up the most important (and objectively best) meal of the day at one of the foundation’s LA locations. Although our pancakes fell short of the perfect symmetry that adherents of Mr. McDonald’s world-renowned McGriddle have come to expect, we like to think that we offered up a charmingly bespoke take on the classic American breakfast saucer. Our diners apparently agreed, as six full batches of pancake batter disappeared as quickly as we could cook them!